Would you panic if your site wasn't indexed by a popular search engine?

Read on to see if you should panic now!

RSS feeds have the potential to expose your content to visitors who have not yet found their way to your site. The combination of good content in your feed along with links pointing back to your site can do wonders in increasing traffic to your site. The bad news is that this only works in theory. In practice, almost no one subscribes to your RSS feed unless they have alrady been to your site, like your content, and are willing to fire up their favorite feed reader and subscribe to your feed. In other words, your RSS feed in its traditional use model, though a convenience to your most loyal readers, does nothing to expose your site to new audiences.

RSS feeds have another potential benfit: Grouping articles on your site into separate RSS feeds and ordering these articles by their natural order of progression and chronology can impart a sense of specialization and continuity to your content. Once again, this fails to work in practice since every update to your RSS feed removes the previous contents of that feed and therefore this sense of continuity applies only to the latest set of articles in your feed.

RSSing.com makes RSS feeds useful beyond their traditional use-model. We provide perpetual snapshots of your RSS feed keeping all articles that ever appeared in your feed and in their original chronological order available in a format that is both browsable by visitors and optimized for search engines. This format provides visitors with a rich impression of your content and its development over time, while providing multiple points of entry back to your site. Keeping all articles that ever appeared in your feed also solves the "orphan article" problem: old articles on your site that no longer have a prominent link and are long forgotten by search engines. In addition, our "Live Browser" provides a guided visit of your site allowing visitors to browse your content either in the order initially appearing in your RSS feed or through navigation assets available on your own page.

You may register your RSS feed on our site by visiting our register page.

Unauthorized or Inappropriate Content

We work very hard to keep unauthorized, illegal, or inappropriate content off of our site. This can be a challenge specially when dealing with user-generated content. As such, we ask for and appreciate your help in reporting such content.

If you believe your RSS feed was added to our site without your authorization or you wish to stop our tracking for any other reason, you can do so by following link "Claim this channel" availble on every page where your feed content is being presented. The process at this link allows you to stop the tracking and prevent the hosting of your rss channel after confirming your ownership of this conent. Or you may contact us with a request to have your RSS feed removed from our site.

Also, if you do not own an RSS channel being hosted on our site but wish to block the hosting of individual articles that somehow relate to you, FOR EACH ARTICLE contact us with the URL on this site where the article appears, the title of the article, and a brief explanation as to the reason you wish the article to be blocked. We will follow up as appropriate.

Please contact us here with any questions or comments.

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