Register and Embed:

  • You can register your rss using the form below and then copy the EMBED code on this page.
  • You can also copy the EMBED code while on the page for any RSS channel on our site.
  • You can embed multiple rss channels on the same page.
  • Read further below to see how you can customize the CSS styles for your embedding.

Register RSS Channel to get EMBED Code Enter URL path to RSS: http:// (click to register)

Why Embed:

  • Add to your original content to provide readers with a more complete picture of the topic you cover.
  • Create a special mix of content that reflects your personality.
  • Contrast opposing ideas by displaying them on the same page, for example :
    • Liberal and conservative coverage of the same news stories.
    • Industry coverage by competing companies.

What You Can Embed:

  • We keep all historical records of all articles that have appeared in an RSS channel. This allows you to:

    • Embed the latest snapshot of an RSS channel which is always up to date and reflects the latest content of that RSS channel.
    • Embed a page in the historical record of an RSS channel which always stays the same.
  • You can also create a Super-RSS by combining your favorite RSS channels and embed that super rss into your site.


  • To provide seamless integration and formatting flexibility, we have now moved beyond iframe-based embedding and now allow content embedding using javascript. This allows you to have great control over how rss content appears on your site.

How It Looks:

  • The following CSS classes are defined:
    • _rssing_embed_box
    • _rssing_article_title_box
    • _rssing_article_date_txt
    • _rssing_article_title_txt
    • _rssing_article_chan_txt
    • _rssing_article_body_box

  • You can include our stylesheet to adopt our style. Here's an example.
    • Plus: Zero coding needed.
    • Not-so-plus: The embedded content style will not look the same as your other content.
  • You can define the above CSS style classes in your CSS stylesheet. Here's an example.
    • Plus: Still easy to do. And you can make the embedded content style to be the same as your other content.
    • Not-so-plus: All your embedded RSS channels will have to share the same style definition.
  • You can assign your previously defined CSS classes to above CSS classes. Here's an example.
    • Plus: Still easy to do. You can customize the style for the embedded content. And you can give eash embedded rss channel a different look.
    • Not-so-plus: None.

How to Embed

  • If your target RSS channel is not already registered with our site, then register that RSS here and then follow the steps below.
  • Navigate to the url page of this RSS channel on our site. You can choose between the latest snapshot of the RSS or any historical page by clicking on the "Browse All Articles" or "Browse the Latest Snapshot" buttons on top of this page.
  • Click on the "Embed" button on the top left side of the page.
  • Use the embed code shown on the page that follows.