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Reports for correcting inconsistencies in Variant Configuration

Report to recompile dependency:RCUCNETRGENRCU_COMPILE_DEPENDENCY Report to correct error V1854:RCU_CHECK_CONFIGURATIONSAP note: 900047 Message V1 854: Lost configuration Reports for the analysis and...

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PARKING INVOICES USING BAPI 'BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK'  Hi Guys, Below example of code is helpful for those who create Service Entries Sheets for Purchase Order and look for Parking the Invoices with...

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CDS View how to do sum on field without using group by with all the fields

I need to build a cds view by joining multiple tables. Now there are about 30 fields in the select.The requirement is to have a sum on the amount field based on only 2 of the fields selected.This...

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Read GOS (Generic Object Service) Picture Attachments and Display it into...

Purpose & Overview:There are lot of threads, wiki’s and blogs available about GOS. Reading and downloading GOS attachment and also we will find lots of article on how to attach a document into GOS....

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How to Debug CDS view in SAP ABAP for HANA

Hi Experts, I'm new to SAP ABAP for HANA. How to Debug CDS view in Eclipse Could you please explain me in brief. Its urgent..  Regards,Siva R

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SAP HANA Audit Trail - Best Practice

Version 1.0 2013 General Information regarding the SAP HANA Audit Trail can be found in chapter 12 Auditing Activity in SAP HANA Systems of the SAP_HANA_Administration_Guide and chapter 9 Auditing...

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WWI for Experts

Introduction After using now WWI as a technique to collect data and print the data in a document for some years on a daily basis it is quite interesting to say: there is still some "surprise" possible...

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Re: cannot create communication semaphore errcode=-709

I was installation EHP6 on RHEL Linux (CentOS) with Maxdb 7.9 and found the following error message:  Connect to database failed, rc = -10709 (Connection failed (RTE:[1] cannot create communication...

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ADS configuration error - SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport

Hi Experts,I having below error when ran the reports FP_TEST_00 and FP_PDF_TEST_00.My system is NW701.ERROR CODE    : 100.101ERROR MESSAGE : SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport : HTTP...

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Transaction Codes For Filling Setup Tables LO Extractors

An overview of Datasources and the programs filling  the relevant setup table (named MC*SETUP). With this handy table you can  find the status of your current job or previous initialization jobs...

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