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Forum Post: RE: Convert Digital Bus to an Integer value - Calculator Viva

Faisal, That's because your bus is an analog bus. If I convert it to digital, it works for me: numConv(value(awvCreateBus("opBus" list(awvAnalog2Digital(leafValue(VT("/op ") "bit" "/op ") nil nil 0.6...

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Forum Post: Convert "xxxxxb#b" to "xxxxx"

Where "xxxxx" can be any sub string and "#" can be any number. However "#" would rarely be more than two digits. The two "b" characters that are converted to " " are always "b". An example input string...

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Forum Post: ADE XL netlisting error (some schematic components are blank)

I have a simulation that isn't working with ADE XL - whenever it netlists parts of the netlist have no connections. I am using standard cells with predefined connections in them and have some schematic...

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Problems with license server

Hi,we got several licenses and tried to setup a license server with the "Mentor Graphics Installation" and the "LMTOOLS" Software. When we checked the license server status we get the following error...

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Tip of the Week: The 'tasklist' and 'findstr' DOS commands

This week we'll explore a couple of very useful commands that you can run in the DOS prompt (cmd.exe) - Tasklist This command lists all of the processes that are running in memory, similar to opening...

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Technology Overview:How to Generate XOR rules for GDS and Oasis input databases

How to generate Calibre XOR Rules for Oasis and GDS database Compare Overview: Generating Calibre XOR rules for input databases when the input layers are not known can be time consuming. This video...

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Virtuoso Video Diary: Noise Simulation in Spectre RF Using Improved...

Did you check out the new Pnoise and Hbnoise Choosing Analyses forms in the MMSIM 15.1 and IC6.1.7 /ICADV12.2 releases? These forms have been significantly improved and simplified. The Direct Plot Form...

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Cadra License not available

We got two new computers to replace two older ones. We reinstalled CADRA21 on both PCs. However, when running the software, we are getting License not Available. What do we need to do to get this...

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Addition of Noise file to input voltage source of Cadence Spetcre

Hi.,      I am facing problem in  adding noise in  transient analysis in cadence spectre .Can help me how to add noise as input source for transient analysis using simulator cadence spectre .

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Expedition 9.5 - Can only place a few vias in a conductive pad

Hi,  I'm trying to add as many vias into a thermal pad on an IC.  I can add about four but then when I try to add more I get an error message "Cannot resolve immovable metal conflicts".  I looked at a...

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